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In theory, this is both a personal archive and blog that will focus mostly on Law, Technology and Digital Rights. 
In practice, anything goes (specially indie games!).

José de Oliveira Ascensão - on Copyright Law & The Information Society

photo of Oliveira Ascensão

Prof. José de Oliveira Ascensão was a Portuguese-Brazilian lawyer and academic who for many, many decades was the main academic reference in Portugal concerning Intellectual Law (to use his expression) and, specifically, copyright. 

I knew he was also popular in Brazil, where he worked for many years, but I guess I have been underestimating how widely popular he became there. Which might help to explain such a difference in the copyright culture of both countries – but let's keep that discussion for another time.

Fighting for digital rights in Portugal be like...

I created the .gif below – let's call it a short meme production – over a year ago, in August 2021. The process of creating it worked as a kind of therapy session, during my summer holidays, at a time when I was particularly down and exhausted. Little I know that one year later, in this last Summer, I would be much worse.

I didn't even have a purpose for it, it was just something I had to put out. It was a reflection on how digital rights are being defended in Portugal, and in some other countries. The situation is so ridicule, the asymmetries are so extreme, that I sometimes wonder if we are really brave or just fools. I guess we are both, we must be.

Metadados | Podcast SIC Notícias - Justiça sem Códigos

print do site do podcast

No inicio do mês participei no podcast "Justiça sem Códigos". Trata-se do novo podcast da SIC Notícias dedicado, como o nome indica, a temas relacionados com a Justiça. Conta a jornalista Ana Peneda Moreira ao leme e a análise do advogado Paulo Sá e Cunha. O som fica a cargo de João Martins.

EDRi's General Assembly 2022

The General Assembly of EDRi happened in May, in Berlin. 

It was fantastic to see so many familiar faces in person, after 2+ years, and meet new people as well. These meetings are so energizing. I can't really explain it, there is something magic that happens when people from so many different places meet to conspire and fight for what they believe.

Panel: Exposing a New Generation of Data Retention Laws

I participated in this panel about new data retention laws in Europe. I covered the recent decision of the Portuguese Constitutional Court, which stroke down our data retention law. It is still a bit too early to know what to expect from the Portuguese Parliament…

[Renascença] Em Nome da Lei: os metadados

Em pleno frenesim dos metadados (finalmente o país acordou para o tema), participei no Em Nome da Lei, da Renascença, dedicado ao assunto. Já tinha participado no programa anteriormente, aqui há uns anos, então sobre o famoso artigo 13/17. Ao contrário do que estava à…

Testing Cusdis comments

The last (big) release of Publii, published 3 days ago, allowed me to try Cusdis. Cusdis is an open-source, lightweight (~5kb gzipped), privacy-first alternative to Disqus. It's super easy to use and integrate with your existing website. We don't track you and your users. Their…

[Observador] Gabinete de Guerra (digital)

Entrevista ao Observador + algumas notas muito rápidas sobre as últimas medidas europeias contra as campanhas de desinformação da Rússia. Um assunto a abordar com mais calma e de forma coordenada noutros fóruns, em breve. A Internet foi criada de uma forma pensada para permitir…