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In theory, this is both a personal archive and blog which will focus mostly on Law, Technology and Digital Rights. In practice, anything goes.

These are the rules:

The blog will have articles in English or in Portuguese, depending on the subject and intended target audience. | I don't expect to write often. | Feel free to drop a comment or an email to react to any text or for any other reason. | As an archive, I will use this blog to register events in which I participate, articles I write, and other stuff that is important to me. It is still very incomplete but I will be retroactively adding content I have spread around. 


Eduardo Santos, hi! 👋

I am a lawyer/attorney (55590L) from Portugal, based in Lisbon. I graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon some years ago (more than what I like to admit). I started as a attorney trainee in 2013 and became an attorney in 2016.

More recently, I completed a post-graduation on Law & Tech at Porto's Faculty of Law of Católica University. Nowadays, you are likely to find me around Nova School of Law, in Lisbon, pursuing a master's degree in Law with a specialization in Business Law & Tech. Yes, I'm into Law & Tech. I also get involved in the activities of NOVA's Knowledge Centre on Intellectual Property & Sustainable Innovation (IPSI).

I'm a co-founder and the current president of D3 - Defesa dos Direitos Digitais, the Portuguese digital rights association, which is part of the European Digital Rights (EDRi) network. At D3 I do a bit of everything: mostly in tech policy, advocacy, campaign and lobbying related to digital rights issues such as privacy, net neutrality, data retention, public surveillance, copyright, or platform regulation. And lots of not-so-glamorous but still important administrative work.

I'm the National Coordinator, in Portugal, for Knowledge Rights 21 (KR21), an exciting project that advocates for modernizing our copyright legislation and bringing it to the 21st century, specially when it comes to access to knowledge rights.

I contribute to research projects within the areas of Law & Tech.

I was an active civil society representative in several international Internet governance fora (IGF and EuroDIG), since ~2017 until the pandemic hit.


my first name at 
leonardodossantos ⠄

Mastodon: @edsantos@ciberlandia.pt




No idea expressed by me in this website should ever and in any way be considered original, i.e. an exclusive product of my own thinking. In case an original thought or idea of mine slips through, I hereby present my deepest apologies in advance and promise my best efforts so it does not happen again. I also strongly deny having emotional bonds or deep connections with my works, those are unfounded rumors. Finally, these works do not reflect my personality and are certainly not an extension of my person.
PS: this disclaimer is just a Copyright – not copyrighted – nerd joke. Nevermind it.

Eduardo Santos

Lawyer • Interested in Digital Rights: Copyright, Freedom of Expression, Privacy, NetNeutrality, etc • heading @direitosdig, Portugal • creator of memes • EN/PT

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