Day 0

This is the day zero of my blog.

In my mind, it will be a blog about Law and Digital Rights (mostly). It will have posts in English or in Portuguese, depending on the subject. I do love my language, but I also need to practice my English (some English errors guaranteed!). And talking about digital rights in Portuguese can be a very lonely thing.

I do not expect to write in it very often.

Creating a blog in 2017, almost 2018, is certainly against the trends. However, last years showed me how badly we need to try to recover the lost art of blogging. Nowadays Facebook and Twitter have taken over the web but I miss the days before all that happened. Social networks are surely very convenient, but that's pretty much it. People have lost the habit of writing longer, well thought posts. Longer posts are not better per se, but the process of writing them is quite useful to make you think, process and consolidate information. Nowadays posts are written in 140 characters as if we were all illiterates, we are getting addicted to insta gratification of likes and other feedback, interesting content gets mixed with useless content. Your family meeting photos, some funny cat videos and content you are interest in are all mixed together and then some opaque algorithm will decide what you will see.

This blog is also an effort do decentralize and re-compartmentalize.

Joomla because free software and because I'm already familiar with it.
Joomla + own domain + host to try to take back some control.

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