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This blog post is a bit late. In fact, I have some more things to post about, but unfortunately I haven't had the time to update the blog.

In the Summer, I published a blog post in Kluwer Copyright Blog. It's about the educational copyright exceptions in several countries, in light of the transposition process of Article 5 CDSM Directive. It is based on two articles by Priora/Jütte/Mezei and Lazarova.

🔗 A concerned look on the new copyright teaching exceptions

Wait. I want to write that sentence again: I published a blog post in Kluwer Copyright Blog. How cool is that?

Thank you for the kind invitation and for the help. It's a honor to publish at such a renown academic blog.

I did find the time to make a image for the social media (I know, I know... 😇), just to mark the occasion:

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