Human Entities 2021: culture in the age of AI

Last month I participated at the 5th edition of Human Entities, a programme of public talks which is organised by CADA, in partnership with the Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Inês Cisneiros took us on a trip through the Artificial Intelligence Act proposal presented by the European Commission, last May. Prof. João Leite (an expert on AI) and I (not an expert on AI :D) joined in to discuss a bit and share our main concerns. I focused on the red lines of using artificial intelligence in the surveillance of public spaces [sign ReclaimYourFace]. 

It was a cool event with a nice atmosphere and mindset. It happened in the open air with lots of space between people, for obvious reasons, but it wasn't socially distant (just physically). People seemed very interested in the subject, likely because Human Entities have been covering AI for some years now.  I wanted to check some of their other talks, but in the remainder of the month I've been so overwhelmed with stuff. There's still one I (and you!) can go, in October. Check it out. There will be a podcast available with all the talks.

Thanks for the kind invitation. Thanks Inês, Sofia, Jared, Chloe &  everyone who makes Human Entities possible, João (x2) and Rute.

Some photos here. They're full ©'d, so I'm not reusing them here.

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