Internet dos Pobrezinhos - Video

I came up with the idea and script of this video during the Summer, while on holidays. It's about our new "affordable universal service" of Internet, which results from the transposition of Art. 84 of the Directive 2018/1972 (European Electronic Communications Code).

In short, the affordable universal service proposed by the Government wasn't a great service.  We managed to convince the sector regulator to review its position and put forward a better solution. Sadly, that was refused by the Government, that in an unexpected last move has preferred to protect ISPs and pass worse legislation for those who are the poorest people in our society.

Video is a great, great tool for communicating complex ideas/arguments. The main challenge here was to put forward boring arguments on a boring subject that most people don't directly relate to, as most people are not potential beneficiaries of the service, although we considered this a crucial public policy. The formula is old but it works: humor, with a bit of sarcasm / making fun of politicians. 

The execution was a pain. Even a small video like this just takes too many hours of work. I got precious help of some D3 mates. No professional editor or designer took part, the visuals were all made in Canva, by me, using just basic animation features that look awful. The thing is... it still works. The silly and terrible animations kinda go well with the humor of the script, which was a nice discovery for me.

If I could have done something different, I would had cut it even shorter (originally it was longer). Twitter has a limit of 2 minutes and 20 seconds for videos, which we didn't know at the time. Having to rely on third-party video hosting that does not belong to Google is a pain. We used, but I can't really recommend it (even if I love Archive as a project), as the loading is too slow, not even capable of playing the full video without loading interruptions. That hurt the spread of the video in social media, although it was still a success. 

All in all, I think it worked great. But sadly it's not something we, as D3, can do more often. Memes are much more cost effective :)

The video is now also available on (thanks, guys!), a PeerTube instance, and it seems to work great.

(No subtitles, sorry.)



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