Open Source in 12 mins

This week, in our IPSI Talk, I made a presentation about free / open source software. We only have 12 minutes to present, which was quite a challenge.

As usual, I had way too much information, and in this time frame there is not much room for detail. But I think I was able to deliver the main points.

The target audience was people not very familiar with the subject, so it covers the basic: source code, free software, open source. It starts and finishes with the Cyber Resilience Act, but almost en passant, as a way to illustrate the dangers of having public policy makers who do not really know what FOSS is - don't be like the European Commission! (also, don't put definitions-ish and exclusions in Recitals).

Sadly, it was not recorded. But I'd like to reuse this, one of these days. Certainly with more time, and hopefully recorded.

You can find the slides here (6.44 MB). Slightly reviewed and modified not to be misinterpreted when read in the absence of the presentation itself.

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