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In theory, it's about Law, Technology and Digital Rights. In practice, anything goes. 


Florence is a short piece of art. Five star creativity & story-telling. It will show you how to win a BAFTA Award in 40 mins. You should play it. Casual games are losing their negative connotation, although monetization is still a problem. Florence did not…


Cloudpunk is a pleasant surprise. The visual effects are stunning (for those who like such visual style). The freedom to walk around that city and freely explore it alone would make it worth it. Voice acting and dialogues are very good. It has many references…

D3 opposes Portuguese efforts to make COVID app mandatory 

EDRi's publication With Nuno Mota By Defesa dos Direitos Digitais (D3) · October 28, 2020 On the 14th of October, following a spike in COVID-19 cases throughout the country, the Portuguese prime minister announced that he would seek approval of a law in parliament to…

Automatic Society Report 2020: Portugal Chapter

I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this comprehensive report on the state of automated decision-making in the European Union, by Algorithm Watch. The #AutomatingSociety Report 2020 is the first edition to include a chapter about Portugal. Make sure to also check out…

Stayaway, a app da infundada esperança

Direito & Tecnologia #9 Coluna no Odivelas Notícias de 22 de Outubro de 2020 O caso da semana em termos de Direito & Tecnologia foi sem dúvida o anúncio da eventual obrigatoriedade de utilização da app Stayaway, medida anunciada e defendida por António Costa. O…

Voto eletrónico? Não, obrigado.

Direito e Tecnologia #8 Coluna no Odivelas Notícias de 17 de Setembro de 2020 Segundo noticia o jornal ECO esta semana, o governo pretende generalizar o voto eletrónico para todas as eleições, depois de nas últimas eleições europeias ter decorrido uma experiência piloto, em Évora.


Eliza is a pretty cool, short (~6h), indie, female lead video game (visual novel) about tech, life, AI and mental health - what's not to like? Great writing and voice acting. Runs on Linux. DRM free at Humble Bundle.