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In theory, this is both a personal archive and blog that will focus mostly on Law, Technology and Digital Rights. 
In practice, anything goes (specially indie games!).
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EDRi's 15th Anniversary

April 12th, 2018 15 years of fighting for digital rights. Felt like a newbie among veterans. Nice to know feel the weight of EDRi's past work, it's quite something. Gives you a sense of responsability and increases your own expectations for yourself. But felt like…

Participating at the IGF 2017 - an unpublished report

Note: This is a text I was asked to write, after IGF 2017, in Geneva. Not so surprisingly, it was never published by the organization that asked me for it . It was written around 12 January 2018. Target audience was young people. The Internet…

Day 0

This is the day zero of my blog. In my mind, it will be a blog about Law and Digital Rights (mostly). It will have posts in English or in Portuguese, depending on the subject. I do love my language, but I also need to…