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Diz não ao Artigo 13

Campanha organizada em parceria com a ThumbMedia (link actualizado - o site encontra-se arquivado no Web Archive) #Artigo13 #SaveYourInternet

EDRi's 15th Anniversary

April 12th, 2018 15 years of fighting for digital rights. Felt like a newbie among veterans. Nice to know feel the weight of EDRi's past work, it's quite something. Gives you a sense of responsability and increases your own expectations for yourself. But felt like…

 Portugal: Data retention sent to the Constitutional Court 

This article was published at EDRi-gram
Please note that this refers strictly to a Portuguese law regarding *intelligence services’ access* to data retention. This is *not* the same case where, following a D3's complaint to the Justice Ombudsman, led to the data retention law in Portugal to be declared unconstitutional in 2022.

A new chapter is expected to soon be written in the long battle between lawmakers and the Constitutional Court in Portugal, regarding the intelligence services’ access to data retention. In January 2018, 35 Members of the Parliament (MP) from three parties officially requested the Constitutional Court to provide a rule on the constitutionality of the new law that grants intelligence services access to retained data.

Participating at the IGF 2017 - an unpublished report

Note: This is a text I was asked to write, after IGF 2017, in Geneva. Not so surprisingly, it was never published by the organization that asked me for it . It was written around 12 January 2018. Target audience was young people. The Internet…