Skeptics' poem of the digital rights

This work of art is under permanent construction & expansion

Web3 is a scam
Metaverse is a scam
NFTs are a scam
Blockchain / distributed ledgers use cases are mostly scams

GDPR enforcement is a scam
Consent is a scam
Cookies are a scam
Adtech is a major scam
ToS are very long and boring scams

Intellectual Property is a scam
Private copy levy is a scam
Don't get me started on the 17th
DSA we'll see, DMA is a scam

Weak encryption is a scam
"Protect the children online" narratives are usually scams
(if "terrorism" is also mentioned, definitely a scam)
"Someone please think of the children" celebrities are scam sellers

Facial recognition is a scam
The 5G hype is a huge scam
IoT is another word for scam
e-Vote is stupid, e-Vote solutions are scams
Proposed remedies for disinformation and propaganda are scams

SmartCities are a scam
Smart contracts are cool... for scams
Contact tracing apps are a scam
"Digital transition" is a gigantic scam

Internet Governance is a scam. In fact,
Multistakeholderism in general is a scam
Digital Rights Charters are always a scam

Artificial Intelligence is the buzzword for many scams
Zero-rating is a Net Neutrality sca... oh my God we actually fixed this one!
but FairShare is a scam!

Eduardo Santos

<p>Lawyer based in Lisbon, Portugal • Interested in Digital Rights: Copyright, Freedom of Expression, Privacy, Net Neutrality, etc. • Knowledge Rights 21 Coordinator in Portugal • doing stuff @ D3 • awarded meme creator • EN/PT</p>

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I didn't even have a purpose for it, it was just something I had to put out. It was a reflection on how digital rights are being defended in Portugal, and in some other countries. The situation is so ridicule, the asymmetries are so extreme, that I sometimes wonder if we are really brave or just fools. I guess we are both, we must be.

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