Open Source in 12 mins

This week, in our IPSI Talk, I made a presentation about free / open source software. We only have 12 minutes to present, which was quite a challenge.

As usual, I had way too much information, and in this time frame there is not much room for detail. But I think I was able to deliver the main points.

On Stallman

As a lawyer/attorney, I have some kind of professional bias towards always trying to see things in the best possible light, even (and specially) the kind of things that society in general disapproves the most: crimes. Presenting things in the best possible light doesn't change…

Dinheiro Público, Código Público

Direito e Tecnologia #3 Coluna no Odivelas Notícias de 22 de Abril de 2020 Quando o Estado constrói uma escola com dinheiro público, a escola é… pública. Quando o Estado constrói um hospital com dinheiro público, o hospital é… público. Quando o Estado constrói um…