Testing Cusdis comments

The last (big) release of Publii, published 3 days ago, allowed me to try Cusdis.

Cusdis is an open-source, lightweight (~5kb gzipped), privacy-first alternative to Disqus. It's super easy to use and integrate with your existing website. We don't track you and your users.

Their idea seems to be to make a "Disqus done right". The comments management interface is super simple, even minimalist, which I like. All comments need to be previously approved in order to be publicly visible. There seems to be no anti-spam, so we'll see how that goes. It is clear of cookies, but it does require javascript (oh well...) (& thanks for the help testing this). So far, everything seems to be working fine.

It's still a service, with all the risks that this entails, but I think that, weighing all the pros and cons, it's still worth to try and use it, as it adds an interesting layer of interaction. And to be honest, managing comments without using external services is a pain. It would be hard enough on Joomla, simply impossible with Publii.

So it seems that we now have comments. Yay! \o/

Eduardo Santos

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