In the beginning was the Cyberspace

This is a text available in the About section of D3's website. It occurred me to publish an English translation here as well (machine-translated + a few manual improvements).
We made our best to be as less original as possible. Have fun trying to get all the uncredited references.

In the beginning was Cyberspace.

Open to anyone, it became the home of the mind of many good people, the natives. Self-declared independent and with its own rules, without physical borders. Above all free, full of potential and hope for the future.

Soon the abundant fertility of the soil aroused the attention of those still distracted. Forces from much older kingdoms began to invade. Some preached the sacred Law, others came only for the promised gold. After all, if a new sun was rising, it should be for everyone.

Fighting for digital rights in Portugal be like...

I created the .gif below – let's call it a short meme production – over a year ago, in August 2021. The process of creating it worked as a kind of therapy session, during my summer holidays, at a time when I was particularly down and exhausted. Little I know that one year later, in this last Summer, I would be much worse.

I didn't even have a purpose for it, it was just something I had to put out. It was a reflection on how digital rights are being defended in Portugal, and in some other countries. The situation is so ridicule, the asymmetries are so extreme, that I sometimes wonder if we are really brave or just fools. I guess we are both, we must be.

Internet dos Pobrezinhos - Video

I came up with the idea and script of this video during the Summer, while on holidays. It's about our new "affordable universal service" of Internet, which results from the transposition of Art. 84 of the Directive 2018/1972 (European Electronic Communications Code). In short, the affordable…

Apelo — Pela defesa dos direitos digitais em Portugal

Este apelo foi escrito a 20 de Junho de 2016, num blog Medium (criado somente para o efeito). Foi o início da Associação D3. Pelo seu valor histórico (mais que não seja a nível pessoal), fica também aqui guardado. Aos activistas nacionais. Viva, Sei que…